Mitchell Volunteers! Booklet

7th Jul

Recognising Volunteers!

We are proud to announce the launch of the Mitchell Volunteers! Booklet, in recognition of National Volunteer Week. Established in 1989, National Volunteer Week is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Australia, and provides an opportunity to highlight the role of volunteers in our community and to say thank you! The theme for National Volunteer Week this year was ‘Give Happy, Live Happy’. More than 6 million Australian volunteers give happiness to others each year. And research says that that those volunteers are happier as a result.

In line with the ‘Give Happy, Live Happy’ theme, we felt it necessary to recognise and celebrate Mitchell's amazing volunteers in the form of a book that would show how volunteering can make someone happy. In developing this book, we wanted to provide a snapshot of all the differing types of volunteers and volunteer roles within Mitchell to inspire others to follow in our volunteers' footsteps and volunteer their time doing something they are passionate about; we want to create a culture of volunteering at Mitchell!

We acknowledge and appreciate the vital role volunteers play in contributing to the Mitchell community. The volunteers of Mitchell achieve so much each and every day - and it does not go unnoticed. Our amazing volunteers contribute to the incredible work of over 100 not-for-profit organisations and community groups within the Shire. These include emergency services, sport clubs, service clubs, education, health services, community services, environment, animal welfare, places of worship, childcare and tourism and more; Mitchell volunteers are truly a team of dedicated, diligent, resilient, and incredible people! The Mitchell Shire community is leading the way in volunteering, with an impressive 21% of the population volunteering, as opposed to the Victorian average of 19%. These people are strengthening the community in which we live, and contributing to a stronger, more resilient Mitchell Shire.

In the Mitchell Volunteers! Book, you will find profiles of some of these incredible people and community groups, who make Mitchell Shire a better place to live, work and play. Download your copy, or pick one up from any of the Customer Service Centres or Libraries in the Shire, and take some time to read about Mitchell’s volunteers; they may even inspire you to put your hand up to volunteer too! The book is a great place to start looking if you are interested in volunteering, but don’t really know where to start.

Give Happy, Live Happy today!


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