Victorian Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards

15th Jul

Nominations for the 2016 Victorian Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards are now open!

The broad array of volunteering that takes place in Victoria is inspiring and the Awards recognise Victorians who give their time and skills to better the lives of others and their community.

The Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards celebrate and recognise the extraordinary contributions of all volunteers in Victoria, and the vital role they play in creating happier, healthier and well-connected communities.

To highlight the significant number of volunteers, and the variety and impact of volunteering effort across the state, up to 60 volunteers will be formally recognised across five categories.

The Award categories are:

  • Leadership

  • Change maker

  • Impact

  • Service

  • Teamwork

The Premier’s Volunteer of the Year, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award, will be selected from Award recipients across the above categories.

Visit the Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards site for more information, and to submit your nomination.

It would be great to see some of our wonderful volunteers across our municipality nominated!

Nominatinos close 5pm August 9th, so get in quick!   

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