National Student Volunteer Week - Cody Page

8th Aug

In recognition of National Student Volunteer Week, and to celebrate the official launch of the Volunteering Mitchell website, we are profiling young volunteers in our Shire to recognise the amazing work they do to make our community great!

Cody Page, aged 20 years old began volunteer work with YMCA and has been actively involved with Mitchell Shire Council, volunteering on skate events including ‘Bangers & Thrash’ for five years, where he is a part of organising and facilitating skateboarding events and lessons for young people in the community. 

Cody hopes to create opportunities for skate parks to become a safe public place for the community. Cody would like to see the skate parks in Mitchell Shire as a platform to create opportunities for young people to participate in alternative forms of physical activity and a place for young people to create meaningful and respectful relationships within the community. Cody enjoys volunteering, as teaching young people to skate helps him develop his personal skills and he likes that he is a part of helping skate parks become a friendlier place. 

Cody would like to encourage other young people to begin volunteering, and says “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

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