National Student Volunteer Week - Dellareece Matson

10th Aug

In recognition of National Student Volunteer Week, and to celebrate the official launch of the Volunteering Mitchell website, we are profiling young volunteers in our Shire to recognise the amazing work they do to make our community great!

Dellareece is 18 years old, and currently volunteers for a number of local groups. She volunteers for the Community Liaison Group - Kilmore 3765 (once a month, past year; Kilmore Quilters (twice a month and since she was 8 years old); Volume and Youth Council (twice a month for the last 3 years); Victorian Quilters (6 times a year, for the past year); and Kilmore, Wallan and Seymour Radio (regularly, for the past 3 years). 

The roles Dellareece performs for each group depends on what they are working on at that time. The Kilmore 3764 project, they talk about the future of Kilmore and what they would like to happen. With the Kilmore Quilters, each year they host a quilt show, or submit a quilt, so they plan and deliver the event, organise special speakers, arrange quilts, and so much more. With Volume, the Volume committee plan and deliver events such as Battle of the Bands, Food Truck Festival and the Colour Run. With Youth Council, they plan and investigate current problems within our community and start campaigns to help and stop these problems, such as Cyber Tattoo and Shop Local. 

Dellareece says “volunteering within a community group in our community is really beneficial, as we live in a small country town and there is not a lot of do, so volunteering and coming up with events that people of all ages can do is really cool. It adds excitement to our community, and creates a more fun environment that everyone can enjoy, especially young people.” 

“What I like about volunteering is the planning and delivering of the events which we do. People are just so happy and thankful for when we do put on the events, as it gets their children, themselves and anyone out and about for the day. Doing something good for others is payment enough, but doing something for the community, you have so much fun and meet so many great people along the way and you appreciate it; that’s why you should get into volunteering”.

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