My Other Job - Volunteering radio series

12th Aug

OKR FM and Seymour FM are working with the Mitchell Shire External Volunteer Advisory Panel to produce a series on volunteering, to highlight some of the opportunities and to tell the stories of some of the volunteers in the Shire. 

The series, titled 'My Other Job', is being funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation, and aims to raise awareness of volunteering. It explores what is involved in becoming a volunteer, and legal responsibilities voluntary organisations are required to adhere to; benefits of volunteering; stories from volunteers and voluntary organisations; and so much more!

It is an interesting, exciting and thought-provoking series on volunteering, which we encourage you to listen to! 

To celebrate the great work volunteers are doing in the community, OKR FM and Seymour FM, in support of the Mitchell Shire Volunteer Advisory Panel, are developing a radio series on volunteering 'My other job'

The first three episodes are available for you to listen to by clicking here.


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