National Student Volunteer Week - Brianna Matthews-Gunn

16th Aug

Brianna Matthews-Gunn, aged 19 years old, has previously volunteered for Assumption College coaching sport, Baby and Toddler Expo’s and Edgars Mission. Currently Brianna volunteers for Mitchells Youth Council and for Riding for the Disabled Association Australia (RDA).

Brianna hopes to, with the help of other youth councillors, create a better place for young people. She does this by providing a voice for young people in Mitchell and advocating on their behalf. Through volunteering with RDA Brianna provides opportunities for young people with disabilities ride horses in Seymour whilst teaching them valuable life skills.

Brianna enjoys volunteering because she is able to help the community connect with each other and is passionate about giving back to the community.

Brianna would like to encourage other young people to volunteer by saying “Volunteer where you can, because not only are you giving back to the community, but you are also doing something for yourself. The skills and knowledge you get out of it will benefit you in the future.”


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